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Licensed Drone Operators

We Are Licensed Drone Operators

If you have a drone, you may not have the licensing that you need in order to operate it legally. We have our drone license and know all of the laws and regulations that cover this equipment. With our license, we know just how to fly a drone so that it stays compliant with all of the procedures and restrictions. With our licensed drone operators, you won't have to worry about liability issues in the air. You can simply concentrate on the great photos that you get from us. Licensed drone operators have a lot of experience with drones, and they have completed a lengthy test as well having completed vetting from the TSA. If you're going to get drone photography, make sure you get it the right way so that there will be no accidents in the air.

If you want the best photos, you need hi-res drone photography. With hi-res images, they will be incredibly clear and usable for a wide range of circumstances. A cheap drone that doesn't have a great camera may return photos that look highly pixelated when you try to use them. With our hi-res drone photography, you'll get images that you can blow up for posters and prints if you want to. Having great photos is the whole point of this exercise, and not all drones will take them. You need great pictures that you will be glad for other people to see. If you are using them in advertising, precision is important, and our hi-res images can be used well in marketing materials. You never know when you might need those photos in the future for new marketing campaigns.

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